Meal Train For My Folks

by Sarah

A few people have asked what they can do to help us.  The first thing that comes to mind and seems to be the easiest and most practical for my folks is meals.  I have created a Meal Train for the month of October with the potential to add dates going forward.  They don’t want help, they don’t think they need help, but I know this would make their lives (and mine!) a bit easier and one less thing to worry about for the short term.  It made a huge difference for me in the days after my surgery and I am eternally grateful for those that delivered delicious food to me, amongst all the other help I received.

If you are interested in providing a meal, email me at and I will send you the link.  Please save the phone calls for now.  I appreciate those who have reached out but I’m trying to control and funnel information in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm them.  They are normally private people and the concept of anyone doing something like this for for them is quite foreign.

Continued thanks for reading and for your support of me and my family.