My Mental Health – Don’t Be Scared, It’s Short And Funny

by Sarah

An unfamiliar number popped up on my phone and I thought maybe it was a doctor’s office so I answered it. It was Vicky from Mahaska Behavioral Services. They deal with people with mental health and substance abuse issues. She wanted to know if she could move my Wednesday appointment to Thursday.

Um, what?

Me: Who made this appointment?

Vicky: I did.

Me: Would you confirm my last name?

She knew my first, middle and last name and obviously my cell phone number.

Vicky: So, can I move your Wednesday appointment to Thursday?

Me: Since I’ve never even heard of you, I think it’s safe to say I won’t make it to this appointment.

Is someone trying to preempt my mental breakdown or even better, a drinking problem I have yet to develop? It may be time to start! Maybe I WILL keep that appointment…