Brains And Hearts and M5s, Oh My!

by Sarah

My life continues to be a whirlwind and I have lots of things coming at me non-stop; some good, some that aren’t my idea of fun.  My schedule is hectic and ever-changing for the time being.

Tuesday, Jones, Gene and Trish paid me a fun visit over lunch and Kim and Kev showed up to take care of my lawn. I took an easy bike ride after work and then dinner on a patio with Jana. Riding is much easier for me than walking at this point.  I’m noticing continued loss of power in my right leg but otherwise riding feels good and is a great release for me.  My hobble gets worse as the day goes on and the more I walk.  My leg is getting tweakier, too.  Certain movements will almost take me down.

Wednesday morning brought a brain MRI to see if the cancer had invaded my noggin.  I think I now have more pictures of the inside of me than the outside.  Later that day brought a visit from Jill Kelderman, aka Wifey or Dr. K.  I think her family recognizes my shared appreciation and affinity of high performance, well-engineered machines and her brother Jeff sent her off in his BMW M5 to see me.  Just hearing the low rumble coming down the street and around the corner brought a big grin to my face.  We had a full evening of heartfelt, spirited and absurd conversations interspersed with sushi, speed and a welcome home gathering for Sean and Matt, recently back from racing the Tour Divide.  Did I mention speed?  And corners?  My kind of therapy.

Thursday brought an echocardiogram in anticipation of ingesting some very toxic drugs that will damage my heart.  This is a baseline to see how the damage progresses.  No needle pokes, just lots of rubbing on my chest in a dimly lit room while I laid still.  I can’t wait for the next one!  Tina dropped off a cornucopia of vegetables straight from the garden and eggs straight from the hens and I’m excited to dig into them.  Another easy bike ride and dinner on a patio to fully enjoy the beautiful day rounded out my evening.  I slept well.

I received the results of the brain MRI and was told I have a normal brain.  That was a first.  No mass effect or ischemia which is great news.  I was also told it was quite sexy so that made me feel better after being told it was normal.  I now have proof of a brain AND a heart.  Maybe I’ll start carrying copies of my scans around with me.  It would’ve saved more than a few disagreements over the years with boyfriends and parents.

In addition to my treatment option research, I also read through my entire oncology file going back to 2004.  Most of it I’ve either seen or have copies of but a few things were new.  One report stated that I have almost a complete disintegration of my first left rib due to the cancer.  I found that to be kind of a bummer.  Things need to happen quickly and I anticipate they will after I have all of my consults with Mayo next week.

How am I doing?  OK.  Pretty good, considering.  I’m tired.  I’m appreciative of the people in my life.  I’m grateful the weather has been good and enabled me to spend time outside and on the bike.  I’ve had lots of friends around and that’s been great but I’m also trying to balance that out with my loner tendencies. I’ve never been comfortable accepting help but I’m trying to come to terms with it.  It’s an adjustment, for certain.  Besides work, research, loved ones and sleep attempts, throw in a car that has decided to have issues and a phone that had a failed attempt at suicide, but left with a shattered screen, to keep things interesting.

I have some fun planned this weekend and I hope you do, too.  Thanks for checking in.